A Bit About Rachel

Its no secret that Rachel has a passion for brows.

For over 10 years Rachel Lauber has co-owned and managed the award winning Chrysalis Skin and Body Solutions. Rachel is a self-confessed perfectionist, handcrafting eyebrows, with detail and precision, to create the ultimate brow transformation. Rachel’s perfectionist nature and attention to detail along with exceptional customer service shows in her satisfactory client testimonials.

Having been an award winning Advanced Skin Specialist, Rachel knows that every skin and face is individual and strives to treat it as such, customising each client’s brow to the symmetry of their face. Her continued thirst for training and research on revolutionary brow enhancements is testimony to her flawless results.

Unlike the harsh block tattooing of the past, Rachel uses a sterile hand tool (microblade) as an advanced technique to create a beautifully designed brow with natural feathering of hair-like strokes.

Rachel prides herself in exceptional client care:

“From the moment my client walks through the door, to long after their appointment, I ensure that their absolute happiness is my personal responsibility. There is nothing more rewarding than changing your client’s life through the Art of Microblading, especially on those clients suffering from Alopecia, post chemotherapy or simply overplucked brows which no longer grow back. Being able to transform and reconstruct brows and restore a new confidence in women gives me great satisfaction”.

For the ultimate luxury experience and the most trusted eyebrow enhancements in Perth book your Rachel Lauber Feather Touch Brows.

“The trust and belief my clients place in me is extremely humbling. Repaying that faith by delivering results that enchance their natural beauty and inspire self confidence is highly rewarding for both me and my clients”

Rachel Lauber

  • Our Commitment

    Your face is important to me and you can be assured that I will act in accordance with my experience and expertise to give you my absolute best.

    I can guarantee that I will strive to to make you gratified and content every time

  • Our Products

    Li pigments is Rachel’s pigment of choice for Microblading.

    Wht are LI Pigments so good? In a nutshell - Li Pigments are so good because they perform well, last long and do not chnage colour!

  • Hygiene

    Rachel follows state safety regulations and adheres to strict health and hygiene policies in the avoidance of cross-contamination. She holds her Blood Pathogen Certificate for the safety and wellbeing of herself and her clients. The microblades Rachel uses are strilized by Gamma Radiation, destroying any bacteria that may exist and adhere to national safety standards that are currently in place