How does it work?

Microblading is a manual technique used to place small amounts of pigment in the superficial layer of the skin. It is done in a way that resembles real hairs to enhance eyebrows shape & fullness. Pigment heals in the skin. It is classified as a tattoo. A row of tiny needles is used to strategically "scratch" the very surface of this skin. Microblading is a process. It is not for everyone. Many variables affect the final results.

Is it painful?

Rachel uses a numbing solution to limit discomfort and the procedure causes minimal discomfort. On a scale of 1-10 clients usually rate it a 4-6, and this discomfort is comparable to tweezing or waxing. Client's typically say they expected it to be worse. And many clients doze off or take a nap during the microblading!

*Women should avoid scheduling appointments during menstruation as the body is generally more sensitive around this time.


What can i expect post treatment?

Immediately post treatment, eyebrows will appear darker than expected, but will fade 50% during the healing process over the following
2 weeks. The 2nd application (Perfection Visit) 4-6 weeks later includes a touch up to ensures micropigments are healing properly
and responding well.

How long will the treatment take?

Treatment times vary depending on how advanced or detailed the required result is. Although some treatments may take as little as 1 hour, you should set aside 2-3 hours for your appointment.

The treatment is typically a 2 step application process, the initial appointment includes consultation and initial application, the second appointment is 6 weeks to touch up and ensure longevity of the colors used.


Recommended timeframe?

Microblading is Semi-Permanent and lasts 6 months- 2 years. This broad range depends on factors such as skin type (age, thickness, oily vs dry, colour), sun exposure, chemicals in products such as cream, serums, washes, make-up etc.
Over time Microblading begins to fade away and it is suggested to get a yearly touch up to refresh the colour.


Am I a good candidate?

This technique benefits individuals who desire brow definition, to cover gaps of lost hair, to extend an area, or full reconstruction if the brows have little/no hair.


GREAT Candidates:

- No Medical Conditions

- No Medications

- Little to no use of anti aging products/treatments like retinols, AHA (or acids), facials, serums, laser treatment etc. (All of these exfoliants will affect the retention and results)

- Dry, less oily skin (oil fades and blurs strokes, require more touch-ups and soft/fuzzy results)

- Clients with Fitzpatrick Scale I-IV (1-4) Skin

- Some exisiting hair present to add dimension (Created a more 3D look)

- Non-Smoker (Smoking fades pigment faster)

- Avoids Sun exposure and uses sunscreen (Sun exposure or tanning fades pigment)


Less Ideal Candidates:

- Oily Skin, Large pores (Oil production fades and blurs strokes, require more touch-ups and more soft/fuzzy look)

- Clients with Fitzpatrick Scale V-VI (5-6) Skin, more pigment in the skin will blur the microblading and it will be more dull than regular make up that sits on top of the skin

- Medical Conditions (Its difficult to predict that affects of different conditions)

- Medications (They can affect retention, fade or blur pigment)


NOT Recomended for Microblading:

- Bleeding Disorders- (Bleeding pushes out pigment and prevents retention)

- Blood Thinners-You MUST have proof of doctors note saying you can temporarily stop the blood thinners to have microblading performed

- Accutane Users-you must be of Accutane for 1 whole year, no exceptions, the skin is very thin and compromised from Accutane and not suitable to withstand the microblading




- Nursing mothers

- Under 18 years of age

- Uncontrolled diabetics

- Immuno-compromised (recent surgeries, ill-flu, cold etc, in tx for chemo-radiation etc)

- Keloid scar history (The brows can keloid as well and its not worth risking your face)

- Highly sensitive skin with history of rashes, reactions and allergies

- Opens sores, cold sores, rashes, pimples - these must be healed

- Moles cannot be microbladed over


UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: we will not microblade unnatural shapes or colours


**Rachel Lauber Feather Touch reserves the right to decline services to a client at anytime

**It is the clients responsibility to be thorough and honest about all medical history prior to treatment